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Exploration Day Field Trips

Load up the kids for a learning experience like none other at the Rockin H Ranch!

Elementary age school kids will take an educational hay ride while learning how and why to be a good Caretaker of our Environment.  Along our hay ride, we will discuss how to be a good caretaker of our soils and plants and the importance of keeping our waters clean.  At the Barn Yard, we will meet someTaylor and Homer on a field trip, 2005 important members of the Rockin H Ranch and find out why we should be good caretakers of our animals.  We will learn some of the many different products that come from our animal sources and how we can help each other take care of our communities.

Kids will pick the perfect kid-sized pumpkin (or gourd!) of their choice to take Photos at a field triphome and will receive a bag of 'Cowlectables' including educational literature from our sponsors, coloring sheets, free pass to Spooky Maze and information regarding Be A Friend Weekend, our project for the National Make a Difference Day.Cowboy Cody taking a hay ride

Kids will then be able to find their way with their teachers through Corn Ball City, our Corn Maze and Cowboy Cody's Cowstle, our Hay Balancing on the Buckin' Barrel BullBale Maze.  They will have a chance at the Buckin' Barrel Bull or be able to view it all from Sycamore City, our Tree Fort.  We'll be adding a Super Slide to our Tree Fort and bringing back a bigger and better Corn Box!

Classes are welcome to picnic at our picnic areas.  Please let us know when making reservations.

Educational literature is provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation, the US Department of Agriculture, the Missouri Beef Industry Council, and Missouri Milk Producers.Fun in the Corn Box

Contact us today to schedule your schools Exploration Day Field Trip!  See below for available dates and pricing information.



Exploration Day Field Trips

Field trips are available Mondays through Fridays beginning September 25 through October 31.  Field trips will be conducted hourly beginning at 8:30am.  Contact us to schedule your time.  Because of the extreme numbers of children attending our field trips, it is imperative that each group arrive in a timely manner to begin promptly at your scheduled time.  Bathrooms are available in our dining hall; please plan time before or after your scheduled field trip for bathroom breaks, etc.

Cost is $3.00 per child.  Pricing includes Caretakers All hay ride, corn maze, hay bale maze, corn box, tree fort, farm animals, child's choice of kid-sized pumpkin or gourd, Cowlectables bag, educational literature and coloring sheets.  Teachers admitted free and receive a free pumpkin.  Classes are welcome and encouraged to picnic at the ranch.  Please let us know when making reservations.



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